Young Adults Perspectives on Global Issues versus Personal Finance

Young adults are committed to solving global problems yet they are less optimistic and less engaged in financial matters. Financial education, retirement planning, and workplace benefits participation can help manage financial stress and improve long-term outcomes for this cohort, report Surya Kolluri and Emily Watson of the TIAA Institute and Jeanne de Cervens of the Georgetown University McDonogh School of Business. Via RetireSecure blog. Read More

Olivia Mitchell: “La persistente falta de conocimiento financiero ha contribuido al escepticismo de muchos chilenos sobre el sistema de pensiones”

Poor financial literacy is a major reason why people haven’t saved or invested more, and also why they have withdrawn so much from their pensions, Wharton Prof. Olivia S. Mitchell explains, discussing the struggles of the Chilean retirement system. Via La Tercera.Read More