Pension Funds and Sustainable Investment: Challenges and Opportunities – Now available via Open Access

Interested in sustainable investing? From historical roots to future trends, our new book Pension Funds and Sustainable Investment: Challenges and Opportunities, edited by Profs P. Brett Hammond, Raimond Maurer, and Olivia S. Mitchell, offers a comprehensive view of environmental, social, and governance criteria in pension fund investing. This volume delves into ethical/financial considerations as well as potential risks and rewards of ESG integration in pension funds. Read More

4 Innovative Ways Women Can Supplement Their Paychecks and Grow Wealth in 2024

Women’s median weekly earnings rose to 83.8% of men’s in 2023, up from 82.9% the year before, moving toward closing the pay gap. Dr. Olivia S. Mitchell, Wharton School professor, proposes that women build their financial literacy through education and financial advice.Read More

How Annuities Can Enhance Retirement

In a research paper (Jan. 2023), co-authors Vanya Horneff and Raimond Maurer from Goethe University at Frankfurt, and Olivia S. Mitchell from Wharton underscore the value of integrating deferred income annuities into retirement plans. Their study suggests that waiting until age 70 for Social Security benefits, alongside the SECURE 2.0 Act’s emphasis on annuities, can significantly enhance retirement welfare. This highlights a valuable strategy for retirees to optimize their benefits and improve financial security. Read More