Should the Federal Government ‘Green’ Its Pension Plan?

‘Greening’ a pension may help reduce one’s carbon footprint, and younger Americans are increasingly interested in ESG investments. Yet fiduciary rules and unknowns about the long-term performance of such assets have led the US to lag Europe in adopting ESG principles, Wharton Prof. Olivia S. Mitchell explains, via Knowledge@Wharton.Read More

Older Women Live Longer, But With More Disability and Financial Challenges Than Men

The median debt-to-income ratio has risen dramatically in recent years for adults close to retirement age, and more women close to retirement plan to keep working longer, according to research by Annamaria Lusardi of the George Washington University, Wharton Prof. Olivia S. Mitchell, and Noemi Oggero of the University of Turin, cited in PRB. See Lusardi, Mitchell, and Oggero, “Debt and Financial Vulnerability on the Verge of Retirement” via NBER.Read More