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Why Low Interest Rates Hurt Retirees

The COVID-19 economic crisis is a perfect storm for retirement savings with near-zero interest rates, early Social Security benefit claiming, some using their retirement accounts to make ends meet, and the looming insolvency of the Social Security Trust Fund: Wharton Prof. Olivia S. Mitchell discusses with Knowledge@Wharton. Read More

Is Peru’s Congress About to Break the Pension System?

Peru’s Congress considers letting workers withdraw 100% of their pension savings, due to COVID-19 economic pressure. This would bankrupt the system and erode trust in government, notes Wharton Prof. Olivia S. Mitchell in the Financial Services Advisor. Read More

Olivia S. Mitchell on Wharton Business Daily

The Federal Reserve plans to keep interest rates at or near zero until at least 2023, and the ongoing economic fallout of COVID-19 puts retirement saving in an even more precarious position. Wharton Prof. Olivia S. Mitchell joins Dan Loney on Wharton Business Daily to discuss what might come next. Read More

Consumer Behavior in Financial Markets

People need ever more financial literacy to make smart financial decisions and plan for their futures. The recent Swedish House of Finance ‘Consumer Behavior in Financial Markets’ conference featured leading scholars of household/behavioral finance, including Wharton Prof. Olivia S. Mitchell. Video available here. Read More

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