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How would 401(k) ‘Rothification’ alter saving, retirement security, and inequality?

Taxing 401(k) contributions versus payouts will alter saving, investment, consumption, & Social Security claiming. But there’s little rationale for policymakers to favor taxing pension contributions versus pension payouts, on egalitarian or revenue-enhancing grounds. Research by Vanya Horneff and Raimond Maurer of Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, and Olivia S. Mitchell of The Wharton School via Journal of Pension ...Read More

Many 401(k) Participants Have No Idea How Cash Will Come Out

Retirement plan type, income level, and age all impact pension withdrawal choices for participants who terminate employment with company pensions, explain Profs. Olivia S. Mitchell of The Wharton School and Robert L. Clark of NC State Poole College of Management via ThinkAdvisor.  Also participants with higher Financial Literacy levels are more likely to choose annuitized ...Read More

The Current State of U.S. Workplace Retirement Plan Coverage

How many American workers lack access to a workplace retirement savings plan or pension? John Sabelhaus of the Brookings Institute and University of Michigan Survey Research Center uses new data to address this question via a discussion of his new PRC Working Paper, “The Current State of U.S. Workplace Retirement Plan Coverage.” Read More

How Prepared Are Americans for Retirement?

PRC 2022 Symposium researchers find real-world shocks undermine retirement preparedness. Saving more, working longer, and expecting less can help, explains Professor Olivia S. Mitchell via Knowledge at Wharton. Read More

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