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Why the ‘Rothification’ of 401(k)s Would Hurt Retirees

401(k) Rothification (using after-tax, not pre-tax, money for retirement contributions) may seem like a boon to government in a time of soaring deficits and Social Security shortfalls, but this would lead many to save less and cut tax revenue in the long term, Wharton Prof. Olivia S. Mitchell explains to Knowledge@Wharton, discussing her recent study. Read More

Post-pandemic Retirement: Can We Build More Resilient Systems?

Transit riders wearing masks

Even before the pandemic, retirement systems were in trouble; fixing them will take a multifaceted effort, including changes to accumulation and payout, a shift in policymakers’ approach, and greater financial literacy among savers, Prof. Olivia S. Mitchell explains to Knowledge@Wharton. Read More

How are global retirement systems faring in the wake of coronavirus?

Low interest rates and population aging will be with us a long time, so reforms are needed to stabilize and strengthen retirement systems. Options include working longer, deferred annuities, and more financial literacy, says Wharton Prof. Olivia S. Mitchell in her new study, cited by Benefits Canada. Read More

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