Retiring to a sunny foreign vacation spot was the American dream. Now the coronavirus is forcing some expats to come back.

Americans who retire abroad tend to stay there until their health begins to decline, then return to the US for care and to be closer to family, Wharton Prof. Olivia S. Mitchell explains to Sindya N. Bhanoo of the Washington Post. Health and safety concerns in the wake of COVID-19 may make many return sooner.Read More

Call for Papers: 28th Colloquium on Pensions and Retirement Research, UNSW Sydney

The 28th Colloquium on Pensions and Retirement Research will be held on 7-8 December 2020.
Co-hosted by CEPAR and the School of Risk & Actuarial Studies, UNSW Business School, this is a unique annual event bringing together academics, government and industry to discuss the latest research on pensions, superannuation and retirement.Read More