Research Projects

Pension Roles and Functions

This work examines the role and function of pensions, both public and private, as they affect and in turn influence labor and capital markets. One project examines contribution, investment, trading, and loans in US 401(k) plans, with Steve Utkus and colleagues from Vanguard. Another project with John Piggott (UNSW) explores the future of workplace pensions, and a third project focuses on public sector retiree benefits, with Robert Clark (NC State). We are also researching knowledge of pensions and financial literacy in the public sector, with Clark and Annamaria Lusardi (GW).

Olivia S. Mitchell, Nora Dowd Eisenhower, and Brett Hammond discussing the CFPB and the Office for Older Americans





Economics of Retirement and Health

Under this heading we have a range of projects having to do with the economics of retirement and health including financial literacy and earnings variability. We are using the Health and Retirement Survey (HRS) as well as the American Life Panel (ALP). Project associates include Annamaria Lusardi, John Phillips (NIA), Jeffrey Brown (UIUC), Arie Kapteyn (USC), and Erzo Luttmer (Dartmouth). We are also working on retirement and pensions in Asia, with one project on the Japanese Study of Aging and Retirement (JSTAR), and additional work in Singapore. Associates include Phillips, as well as Benedict Koh and Bryce Hool (SMU).

Lifecycle Portfolio Management

This research focuses on work, consumption, saving, investments, withdrawals, and annuitization during the decumulation or distribution phase of retirement. Associates include Raimond Maurer and Ralph Rogalla (Frankfurt), and Hugh Kim (SKK University).