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Employers’ Sense of Responsibility for Employees’ Financial Wellness Is Rising

Financial wellness programs as an employee benefit have spread of late, but more can be done given COVID-19’s economic effects, explain Kevin Crain, Surya Kolluri, and Sheila Gorman. See our new RetireSecure blog.Read More

Social Security Valued with Market Interest Rates: A Big Problem

The Social Security Administration’s estimates of its shortfalls are overly optimistic, and looming insolvency will likely come sooner than expected unless key problems are addressed, cautions James Moore on the RetireSecure blog.Read More

Solving the Long-Term Care Financing Puzzle in the Wake of COVID-19

Long-term care in the United States has long been underfunded and had its problems ignored, which set the stage for COVID-19 infection and death in care facilities. Nora Super, Jason Davis, and Caroline Servat of the Milken Institute outline several public and private options to improve care financing, via the RetireSecure blog.Read More

New Financial Instruments for Managing Longevity Risk

Lower returns, longevity risk make defined benefit pensions more challenging for employers to offer, but some plan sponsors are transferring these risks to (re)insurers, writes John Kiff at the RetireSecure blog.Read More

State-sponsored Pensions for Private Sector Workers: A Sustainable, Low-Cost Approach

Some US states have created state-sponsored plans to help private-sector workers save for retirement. Assurance funds such as tontine pensions could help convert retirement savings into lifetime income, report Richard K. Fullmer and Jonathan Barry Forman in the RetireSecure blog.Read More

Retirement in the Wake of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed and worsened retirement system problems. Now it’s time to reform and strengthen those systems, says Wharton Prof. Olivia S. Mitchell at the RetireSecure blog, discussing her recent paper.Read More

The Coronavirus Pandemic Threatens Social Security’s Finances

COVID-19 fallout may deplete the Social Security trust fund up to four years earlier than previously believed, say new projections from the Penn Wharton Budget Model, via the RetireSecure blog.Read More

Family Support, COVID-19, and Retirement Security

Family support is an important pillar of retirement security for many Americans, and COVID-19 is prompting families to quarantine together and rethink nursing homes. Yet this poses new challenges for multigenerational households and causes stress, says Anna Rappaport in the RetireSecure blog.Read More

Is Social Security the Great Wealth Equalizer?

Is Social Security a wealth equalizer? John Sabelhaus’ RetireSecure blog notes that including Social Security in household assets boosts wealth levels but doesn’t alter growing wealth inequality.Read More

Surprise! Your Retirement Wealth Might Have Increased

Many retirement savers saw their 401(k) or 403(b) assets shrink this year due to the volatile stock market. Yet declining interest rates are boosting many people’s expected retirement wealth, explains James Mahaney.Read More

2020 PRC Symposium Report: “Managing Longevity Risk: New Roles for Public/Private Engagement”

The Pension Research Council’s 2020 Symposium, “Managing Longevity Risk: New Roles for Public/Private Engagement,” cohosted by Wharton Prof. Olivia S. Mitchell and Surya Kolluri of Bank of America, was held online on May 7, 2020. Here are some of the highlights from the event.Read More

Coronavirus Recession Could Cut Social Security Benefits for Near-Retirees

The Coronavirus pandemic is hurting Americans’ retirement savings. How the Social Security benefit formula is computed could pose another threat to some near-retirees, says Andrew G. Biggs.Read More