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How Plan Sponsors Can Use ESG Metrics Effectively

Retirement plan sponsors can identify ESG investments to align with client goals and achieve long-term financial performance goals using improved data and analytics, along with value and impact objectives, explains Linda-Eling Lee of MSCI via RetireSecure blog.Read More

Why ESG Matters for Pension Fund Strategies and Outcomes

Though ESG considerations in pension fund investment practices vary, more transparency & better information will drive future investment choices & help investors engage more, advise Stéphanie Lachance of Fiera Comox in Canada & Judith Stroehle of Oxford’s Saïd Business School via RetireSecure Blog. Read More

2022 PRC Symposium Report: “Real-World Shocks and Retirement System Resiliency”

The Pension Research Council’s 2022 Symposium, “Real-World Shocks and Retirement System Resiliency” was held April 28-29, 2022. The conference was co-hosted by John Sabelhaus, the Brookings Institute, Stephen Utkus, current Visiting Scholar, Pension Research Council, and Wharton Prof. Olivia S. Mitchell. This was the third time the conference was held online. Here are some of the highlights from the event.Read More

Robo Tontines Can Help with Asset Decumulation During Retirement

Robo-advisor-managed tontines could help retirees manage asset decumulation and offer secure lifetime income, explain Richard K. Fullmer of Nuova Longevità Research and Nuovalo Ltd. and John A. Turner of the Pension Policy Center.Read More

Responding to Bad News About a Critical Retirement Decision

Anna Rappaport on the RetireSecure Blog discusses whether to take your defined contribution benefit as a lump sum or annuity: consider both near and longer-term needs.Read More

Long Overdue, Pension Auto Portability Is Coming

Auto portability facilitates transfer of Americans’ 401(k) funds to new employers, keeping savings in the retirement system: Michael Kreps of Groom Law Group, at the RetireSecure blog.Read More

What’s Your Strategy: A Small Nudge or Big Shove? Evidence on Multiple Ways to Boost Your Retirement Savings

Many American households have no retirement savings, and a majority have too little saved to fund their expected needs. Professors Richard Patterson and William Skimmyhorn look at strategies to boost retirement savings, at the RetireSecure blog.Read More

Why Have HECM Reverse Mortgages Been Allowed to Languish?

The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage program attracted only a few of the homeowners who could potentially benefit from it. Jack Guttentag looks at reasons why and considers approaches that might help, at the RetireSecure blog.Read More

Financial Wellness: A Diversity & Inclusion Perspective

Understanding the effects of age, gender, and ethnicity on financial wellness can help employers offer solutions that better meet their employees’ financial needs, write Surya Kolluri, Kai Walker, and Anna Potts at the RetireSecure blog.Read More

Integrated Retirement Planning Is Long Overdue

Retirement plans that integrate financial asset management, deferred annuities, and reverse mortgages can provide more spendable funds over a retiree’s lifespan, according to Jack Guttentag on the RetireSecure blog.Read More

Can Pension Funds Integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance Principles?

If pension funds are to incorporate ESG principles in their investment decisions, they must consider several risks and challenges. Wharton Prof. Olivia S. Mitchell and Shankar Parameshwaran provide takeaways from the PRC 2021 Symposium.Read More

Why the COVID-19 Pandemic Will Depress Retirement Saving and Income Outcomes

The COVID-19 pandemic will likely have longer-term economic effects, as people fearing financial fragility are less likely to save more for retirement or to annuitize their retirement savings: new research from Abigail Hurwitz, Olivia S. Mitchell, and Orly Sade.Read More