Chile’s Fabled Retirement System: Why Fix It?

Since its launch 35 years ago, Chile’s retirement system has been hailed as “best in class” by pension experts near and far. The country’s fabled individual and privately-managed accounts include around 10 million affiliates, hold $160 billion in investments, and pay retirement benefits to over a million retirees. So why did President Michelle Bachelet establish a Pension Reform Commission that just delivered to her 58 specific reforms and three comprehensive proposals to overhaul remodel Chile’s retirement system?Read More

Argentina’s Pension Policy In The Last 20 Years: Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

Argentina is one of several countries that implemented a major structural reform of the pension system during the 1990s and then, more recently, decided to reverse itself. This note presents a summarized discussion of the motivations and main characteristics of the early reform, the performance of the system since then, and the rationale for and impacts of the recent changes.Read More