Real-World Shocks and Retirement System Resiliency

Edited By Olivia S. Mitchell, John Sabelhaus, and Stephen P. Utkus

Growing awareness of real-world shocks including market downturns, health surprises, and labor market readjustment is calling into question the ability of global retirement systems to remain healthy and sustain future retirees. Financial and labor market stresses are shaping how older workers fare as they head into retirement, and how younger workers must prepare financially for their futures. These shocks come on top of long-standing concerns surrounding rising longevity, along with the adequacy and sustainability of public and private benefit systems.

This volume explores how these challenges will drive the need for new policy drawing on perspectives of senior and new researchers to the field, as well as exciting new datasets.

Publication date: Spring 2024 · Oxford University Press · ISBN 9780198894131

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  • Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1: Retirement System Resiliency in the Face of Real-World Shocks
    Olivia S. Mitchell, John Sabelhaus, and Stephen P. Utkus
  • Chapter 2: How Gloomy Is the Retirement Outlook for Millennials?
    Richard W. Johnson and Karen E. Smith
  • Chapter 3: Older Workers, Retirement, and Macroeconomic Shocks
    Erika McEntarfer
  • Chapter 4: Recessions and Retirement: New Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Courtney Coile and Haiyi Zhang
  • Chapter 5: Wealth Inequality and Retirement Preparedness: A Cross-Cohort Perspective
    John Sabelhaus and Alice Henriques Volz
  • Chapter 6: Changes in Retirement Savings During the COVID Pandemic
    Elena Derby, Lucas Goodman, Kathleen Mackie, and Jacob Mortenson
  • Chapter 7: Saving and Wealth Accumulation among Student Borrowers: Implications for Retirement Preparedness
    Lisa J. Dettling, Sarena F. Goodman, and Sarah J. Reber
  • Chapter 8: The Safety Net Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic Recession and the Older Population
    Robert A. Moffitt and James P. Ziliak
  • Chapter 9: Retirement Security and Health Costs
    Glenn Follette and Louise Sheiner
  • Chapter 10: Economic Conditions, the COVID-19 Pandemic Recession, and Implications for Disability Insurance in the United States
    Nicole Maestas and Kathleen J. Mullen
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