Restructuring Retirement Risks

David Blitzstein, Olivia S. Mitchell and Stephen P. Utkus, Editors

Retirement security is one of the central policy concerns of our time, yet pension systems confront crushing challenges and governments are often unsure of how to proceed. This volume takes up the question: ‘What are the new risks and rewards in pensions, and what paths can stakeholders chose to solve these problems?’ Despite the fact that retirement systems are deeply stressed by volatile capital markets, poor corporate earning streams, weak macroeconomic performance, and international turmoil, contributors offer creative guidance to pension fiduciaries, plan participants, and policymakers. The book formulates new perspectives for assessing retirement risks and rewards and it evaluates efforts to insure retirement plans. It also proposes several new strategies for managing retirement system risk. The volume represents an invaluable addition to the Pension Research Council/Oxford University Press series, and it will be particularly useful to managers designing more efficient pension plans; to scholars and policymakers seeking to maximize pension design effectiveness; and to actuaries and tax specialists concerned with pension regulation.

August 2006 · Oxford University Press · ISBN 0-19-920465-9