Pension Research Council Membership

Membership is available to organizations providing annual support to the Pension Research Council. Members are recognized by the Council at the Director level or the Associate Level. The Pension Research Council is a non-profit organization and contributions to it are tax-deductible.

Director Level Membership

Director level members are entitled to:

  • One speaking engagement per year for clients or top management by Pension Research Council Executive Director Olivia S. Mitchell (subject to availability)

Associate Level Membership

Associate level members may:

  • Send up to three participants to the annual Pension Research Council Symposium at the Wharton School.
  • Attend a special dinner hosted by the Council in the fall.
  • Propose individual and/or team-based long-range research projects based on Members’ research interests, to be carried out under the aegis of the Pension Research Council.
  • Receive information about Executive Education offerings sponsored by the Aresty Institute of the Wharton School, and work with Wharton to design custom training by special arrangement.
  • Work with staff to identify students for engagement via the Field Application Project.
  • Receive important pension and benefits books published by the Pension Research Council.
  • Receive reports on “breaking” research in the form of working papers, affording access to important and policy-relevant analysis in a timely manner.
  • Participate in dissemination via media contacts and the Internet.

Wharton Partnership Program Benefits (All Levels of Membership)

For more information on the Wharton Partnership Program, visit the Wharton Partnership website.