Financial Decision Making and Retirement Security in an Aging World

Olivia S. Mitchell, P. Brett Hammond, and Stephen P. Utkus, Editors

As the world’s population lives longer, it will become increasingly important for plan sponsors, retirement advisors, regulators, and financial firms to focus closely on how older persons fare in the face of rising difficulties with cognition and financial management.

This book offers state-of-the-art research and recommendations on how to evaluate when older persons need financial advice, help them make better financial decisions, and to identify policy options for handling these individual and social challenges efficiently and fairly. This latest volume in the Pension Research Council series, draws lessons from theory and practice, and will be of interest to employees and retirees, consumers and researchers, and financial institutions working to design better retirement plan offerings.

Publication date: October 5, 2017 · Oxford University Press · ISBN 978-0-19-880803-9