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The Growing Pension Black Hole is Pulling Us All In

Public and private pension sinkholes are showing up all over the country, and we’re tumbling in. In Pittsburgh earlier this month, benefit cuts of 30 percent were announced for 21,000 retirees from UPS and other shipping companies. Read More

Book Review: “Financial Decision-Making and Retirement Security in an Aging World”

Retirees face a declining defined benefit system (DB), at the same time as the average age of the U.S. population is rising, and many people are financially illiterate. Mitchell et al. (2017) focuses on a critical topic that does not receive enough consideration when advisors develop and implement financial planning paradigms. The book recognizes the ...Read More

New from the Pension Research Council: How Persistent Low Returns Will Shape Saving and Retirement

Financial market developments over the past decade have undermined what was once thought to be conventional wisdom about saving, investment, and retirement spending. How Persistent Low Returns Will Shape Saving and Retirement explores how the weak capital market performance predicted for the next several years will shape pension saving, investment, and decumulation plans. Read More

Interview with Professor Olivia S. Mitchell

  Dr. Olivia S. Mitchell of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School discussed her research interests, inspirations, and her views on the greatest challenges facing future retirees during an interview with Anita Mukherjee of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Read the entire article here, or in the Journal of the Economics of Aging. Read More

Making Retirement a Gig for Life

How prepared are gig workers for retirement, and how can older Singaporeans steer clear of financial mistakes? CREA researchers considered these questions at a roundtable on ageing and financial preparedness. Read More

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