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How to Recession-proof Your Retirement

Despite financial unknowns and a changing retirement landscape, there are steps you can take to improve your retirement security, explains Prof. Olivia S. Mitchell to Knowledge@Wharton: make a budget, be realistic, know your options. Read More

Seniors Deal with the Harsh Reality of Debt

40% of older Americans dealing with debt, rising housing costs, student loans, and medical expenses, explains Wharton’s Olivia S. Mitchell to Chris Taylor of Reuters. Delaying retirement can help. Read More

Research Shows Positive Effects of TDFs

Target date funds can pay retirement savers higher returns with lower risk, report Wharton Prof. Olivia S. Mitchell and Stephen P. Utkus of Vanguard in their new study. Including them as defaults on plan menus can boost retirement wealth by half, over a 30-year horizon cited by Plansponsor. Read More

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